Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Super Antivirus & Virus Cleaner

Nozzle Games to respect and protect all use Super Antivirus & Virus Cleaner and official website associated with Super Antivirus & Virus Cleaner of Nozzle Games. The Super Antivirus & Virus Cleaner privacy policy (hereinafter the “privacy policy”) provides that: without having first obtained your consent, we will not intentionally disclose content relating to your privacy to any third party, except as noted in this policy.
a. We do not collect personal information. Personal information includes your location information, name, address, email, phone, fax, information stored on your device, and the information used in the applications, services or Web site would identify you or others.
b. Non-personal information. When a user is interacting with our application, we may collect non-personally identifiable information associated with the user. Non-personal identity information, include your phone model, the Android version, and other similar information.
1. Sessions and available data. “Session and available data” you provide data related to the connection and service information to us when you use an application, service, or Web site, including but not limited to through the use of our applications, services, and Web sites. Sessions and available data include data information relating to connection request, server communication, data sharing, contains networks, quality of service, date, time, location, location. Collection of information as described below, we can also gather session and available data. Please note that session and the available data does not include any personal information, nor does it include the content that you can use an application (such as photos, contacts, schedules, etc), services, or Web site to send or share.
2. Login data. When you interact with us, or use the application, services or our Web site, our systems may automatically collect your unique device number of users, IP addresses, type of browser or operating system you use, the date and time (“log data”).
3. Summary information. “Aggregate information” is our collection of a group or class of service or user data, including user’s personally identifiable information has been removed. In other words, how do you use the applications, services, and Web site information may be collected with and combined with the information about how to use the applications, services, and Web site, but personally identifiable information will not be included in the final totals. Trends in aggregate information helps us to understand user needs so that we can better consider new features or tailored applications, services, and Web sites.
a. Personal information– because we do not collect personal information, we will not use your personal information in any way.
b. Non-personal information. We may use non-personal information for the following purposes:
1. . Used to personalize the user experience—we may use your non-personal information to know about user profiles, and other trends associated with user habits;
2. . Used to help improve our service— we may use non-personal information to provide, maintain, improve, ameliorate the applications, services, and website, and develop the new services.
3. Used to develop the business of Nozzle Games further—we may use personal information for the purpose of promoting and developing the market.
a. Personal information. We do not store personal information, we will not disclose your personal information.
b. Non-personal information. We do not link non-personal information and personal information (such as your name and your user’s device number).
We cannot control the behavior of other users who share your information with you. We cannot and do not control the behavior of other users to share information when you are using the application, services or the Web site (including forums) or these users who know how to use or share this information. We are not responsible for the behavior of third-party evading our security measures.
To maintain the confidentiality of your information. We do not collect personal information, and we have adopted effective measures to protect the non-personal information, this information will not be accessed and used in the case of unauthorized. Please note that the security measures we take to protect your information is perfect, but not an absolute guarantee that your non-personal information can be avoided to be accessed and the case of unauthorized
If you have anything to do with this policy or our privacy policy-related questions or comments, or need to report any policy violations .
We reserve the right at any time by our sole discretion, change, modify or otherwise change this policy right. You must periodically review this policy so that you understand any changes. If you do not agree to any modification of this policy, you can immediately stop using all the applications, services, and Web sites. After the policy changes if you continue to use any application, service, or Web site, it means you accept the modified policy. Please note that our employees or agents do not have the right to change any of our policies.

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